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Top Online Internet Earning Ways- Ways to Make Money Online- on YouTube


Youtub is a best platform where You earn thousands Dollars, depending on you hard Work. If you are thinking Youtub earning just like a button pushing you are wrong. You earn by only  by hard Work, every task  Needs a hard work, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about particular thing, then start working on YouTube, if you don't have time, you are thinking by making your Channel you can earn money it's wrong, if you do it, you will waste your time.  IAM going to share how you can create a channel on YouTube? And monitize your Channel. Please follow few step.

ways to make money online on YouTube.

  • Create Your Gmail account.
  • Should should be your own Information, while making family account, for example Your name is (Muhammad Faisal) in Gmail account creating you wrote (Faisal Ali) It's not good. Write your accurate Name as per CNIC. When you sign up for Adsen it help you.
  • Now you created Gmail, Next step is very easy, you just need to create you own channel. Search "Youtub" on Google, in top searches you find "YouTube" click on YouTube then Channel, Put your details in that mandatory fields. Now your channel is ready.
  • Now your YouTube Channel is ready, take few minutes.

Next step is how to make money online for beginners?

Don't worry if you are beginner this post is for you, I teach you how beginner can earn money from Youtub.
After creating YouTube Channel you need to upload best content on YouTube. Youtub is full of compitter, if you haven't well content you are wasting you time, people can't spend their time on  poor content videos. Make sure your content should be great. Following easy and major things mostly people are searching on YouTube.

Teaching on YouTube.

If you you are student,or teaching you can create your videos on teachings subject. For example you are student of Math you can make a videos on Math, Many people are searching Math, you can generate a lot income from this Subject.

History on YouTube.

If if you are student or teacher of History you can make your videos on History. It every, in short any thing that is easy and interesting for you go ahead and do it.

how to make money online for free on YouTube.

Mostly People asked how they make money online for free on YouTube. The answer of this question is, you just need to work hard on YouTube. Make sure you have 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 watch time on YouTube, then you can earn Online free Money. It's a real ways to make money from home, beginers can also make money online for free. Youtub is a 
creative ways to make money.

how much does youtube pay you for 1 million views:

Mostly People asked how much does YouTube pay for 1 Million views, I tell you it's depending on CPC, CPC mean Cast Per Click, if your viewer are from India, Pakistan and Bengladesh, then you earn less compared to US Canadas. US Canada give you high CPC. Before making video you can check CPC in keyword planner, free tool provided by Google. Don't worry you will earn much.

youtube income per 1,000 views.

As I mentioned above it's depending on CPC and keywords that's searched by viewer. If you are using Google keywords planner, then you himself can see how you will earn.

how much does youtube pay per view.

I mentioned above YouTube pay you according to CPC. Don't worry if you have completed watch time and subscriber you can earn much money.

how much is 5,000 views on youtube

If you are beginers than 5,000 views are good for you, if you one or two years old Channel then you views should be increased instead of 5,000. Work hard and increase you views.
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Ways to Make Money Online- on YouTube
Ways to Make Money Online- on YouTube
Ways to Make Money Online- on YouTube

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