Lasdana Haveli Kahuta AJK-


Lasdana Haveli Kahuta

Lasdana is a one of a beautiful place in district Haveli Kahuta AJK Kashmir, situated in District Bagh and Haveli Forward Kahuta, it's a gate way among three district of AZAD Kashmir, i.e Poonch, Haveli Forward Kahuta and Bagh AZAD Kashmir. In Winter season it's almost blocked due heavy sonow fall, however in 2021 situation is totally different now michener's are there, it's almost open for traffic.

Tourism in Lasdana Haveli Kahuta.

Lasdana Haveli Kahuta AZAD Kashmir is a famous place among tourists, tourists came form Bagh, Rawalakot, Poonch, Mirpur, Kotli, Muzaffarabad, Forward Kahuta, Abaspur, Neelum, as well as From others district of Pakistan. People also celebrate their holidays in Lasdana.

Facilities for tourists in Lasdana.

When we talk about the facilities in Lasdana so there are not much facilities for tourists, howere some Hotels are there for the tourist according to local standard, and some shops are also there, people can buy their necessary things  from Lasdana Bazaar. However their is a rest house for tourists. They can stay in that rest House.

Lasdana Toli Peer Rawalakot Expressway

Currently there is mega project of Expressway from Lasdana by route Toli Peer to Rawalakot, under construction hope it will complete in one or two years.

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